Hi everyone and welcome to my Money Online Maker website.

I’m Seth, I am glad that you’re here. You have simply made the right preference in visiting MOM.

I am presently a complete Full-time Online Entrepreneur.

Moneyonlinemaker.com is a website devoted to assisting everyone to supplement their earnings.

With the aid of starting the internet business and creating wealth in the comfort of your home.

A Little Story Further Back About Me

In 2015, I moved from Ireland to the UK and started a University course in Computer Systems Engineering. In summer 2016 during the University break, I tried working in a warehouse to raise some money for the next academic year but as soon as I started I had an accident at the workplace and injured my lower back, chest, and left arm.

I couldn’t continue the course, so I tried to work from home by doing basic computer repairs, selling on eBay, and also tried buying some courses online to learn more about computers, but all failed.

Despite all the losses and disasters, I began to search and see how I can make money online.

I purchased different Internet Marketing courses, but they were not helping and therefore losing more money again.

I was online every day looking for something that will lead me to achieve my dream by becoming a successful Online Entrepreneur.

What Brought The Change

My effort eventually brought me to a site(onlinemoneyfordads.com) which led me to a site called wealthyaffiliate.com and since then I have never looked back.

I spent 35/40 hrs a week studying and take the courses on Wealthy Affiliate’s website and in my first week I was able to pick a niche and set up my website within 3 days.

I am now a full-time Online Entrepreneur working from home.

It gives me the chance to spend more time with my wife and 3 beautiful children.

Working from home has also helped with my health situation and most of all enjoying financial freedom.

My dear Visitor, If you are reading this, then you have access to the internet.

So I trust I can help you to start your online business and start making money regardless of who you are or where you are global. All you need is internet access.



Founder of Money Online Maker



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